To you

I only have the best intentions in mind... I just want you to have that extra hour of sleep since most of the time, that's what you've been telling me about. That you're so stressed and you're dead-tired. Everyone's been telling you that you've got so much on your plate; this is just my way of sharing the burden -- being your voice when you are being meek 90% of the time.

I admire and despise you at the same time, for your ultimate strength is that which is also your greatest weakness -- kindness. Learn to say "I am tired, I still want to sleep". Tell them when you can't do something because you have to attend to more important matters first. For your own mental and physical well-being, please... learn to say NO.

And always remember, I love you. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Image credits: http://aew1224.xanga.com/730666380/i-liked-you-i-loved-you-i-lost-you-i-miss-you/


Three Months

Has it been that long? Was I that busy or just simply too lazy? To tell you the truth, it's both. The past three months has seen some major events and changes in my life. First off was Sophie's 2nd birthday celebration. I had painstakingly planned and prepared for it, making use of my little arts & crafts skills and beginner's baking skills. Thankfully, I managed to pull it off even with a few minor glitches that happened. Everyone enjoyed and had a really good time. Celebrating a child's birthday party in Jollibee is some form of a Filipino child's rite of passage, I think.

Having a blast with Jollibee

Baked treats a.k.a. labor of love as edible souvenirs
So after all the hullabaloo that was the party, I thought that my life would be no more exciting (well until the holidays). Surprisingly, I was still tired and restless. I just attributed it as after-effects of being in party planner mode. Maybe, I was only experiencing withdrawal syndrome -- that the party was over and I no longer have anything to keep my self busy with. Until one day that I have this intense feeling of nausea washing over me. I thought that it was due to extreme hunger, that suddenly I am experiencing acid reflux after that late lunch. But a thought crossed my mind, "Could I be? Please, no... Not yet, not now."


Love As I See It

Love can be seen purest through the eyes of a child.
Love can be that of being together amidst the multitude and yet, nothing else matters but each other.
Love can be the link that binds anyone, be it kin or not.
Love can be felt as the force that unites people with a common goal.

But what is LOVE as I see it?
It is this: the unwavering commitment for each other that can weather any storm, enduring everything together with God as witness. The look that says "When I look at you, I still see the young lady I have married half a century ago... the one whom I have loved and will continue to love, until I breathe my last".

This is my entry to "Love as I see it". A project of www.islandrose.net flowers Philippines.

Fresh and HOT... on the dot!

Being a mother and a kitchen demi-goddess myself, I always make it a point to serve freshly-prepared meals for my family. I try to adjust my preparation and cooking time such that I finish just in time for lunch or dinner to be served. Fresh and hot -- two of the qualities of an appetizing meal that I place the most premium in, and to a homemaker's delight, Pizza Hut shares the same views.

Last Saturday, I was invited to witness another innovation courtesy of Pizza Hut -- HOT on the Dot sticker. This thermal-sensitive sticker guarantees the customer that the pizza being delivered at their doorsteps is Fresh and HOT. The sticker is initially all black, but once it is put on the designated spot, it reveals the word HOT in red, bold letters.


Inner Masochist?

Is this simply inflicting pain to myself? Continuously subscribing to BabyCenter's weekly newsletter, knowing too well that Sophie does not develop in the same manner as described there? When all I do is open the email and move it to a folder named BabyCenter?


Baby on the Way

Since Sophie's 2nd birthday is fast approaching, and I am quite busy with all the DIY party details, I am going to post two of my journal entries I have written when I was still pregnant with her. It is my way of remembering how swiftly and sweetly, two and a half years (including being pregnant with her) had gone by.
 May 6, 2009

inside the womb. A sensation utterly surprising, it made me pause for a second and think if it is something else. My stomach grumbling perhaps? Nah. I just finished eating then. The movement was more of something turning inside, and sometimes, a little nudge here and there.


Let's go back to how it all began...

August 8, 2004
3:30 AM

He texted me this message:
"Yup... kilala mo na siguro kung sino yun? I'm sorry kung lagi kitang naiisip. Di ko naman alam kung papaano gagawin to eh :) hehehe di ba nga sabi ko hindi ko pa nga kaya ang sarili ko tapos magsasama pa ako ng isa, pero ewan ko. bigla na lang eh. okay lang kung ayaw mo. Wala naman akong hinihingi, gusto ko lang sabihin. Nahihiya na ako hehehe Corny kaya ayaw ko eh" (01:54:43AM 08/08/04)
And now I can't sleep. My stomach is in knots and I can't think of anything now but how my life has turned topsy-turvy since I have read that message...


"Bad baby!"

If Sophie did something that merits reprimand, I really don't let it pass. Of course, it is my little way of reinforcing what is okay or not okay to do. I will simply tell her at that instant that she stop whatever it is that she's doing. Usually, it's that habit of hers to pull the hair of the person in front of her. Or when she's pinching that kid whom she had just met. She listens -- sometimes; most of the time, she doesn't. On occasions that she does not listen to her mother, two words can stop her dead on her tracks guaranteed.


Midnight Experiment: Cake Pops

Forgive me for the rather crudeness of the handiwork. It is, after all, my first attempt to do this. ;) I had my first encounter with cake pops when Starbucks had a promo last March 11 to give this out to their first 30 customers per store. I was curious about what these cake pops are. Simply put, cake pops are just bite-sized cakes skewered with a stick, presented in a manner similar to a lollipop.


A Taste of the Fine Things in Life

On a rainy Saturday morning last July 9, I made my way to Enderun College for FOOD Magazine's Kitchen Series. I was really excited to be there because it was my first time to enter a culinary school. My passion for food gives me this dream of someday studying in a culinary school and be taught with all the techniques needed to create a culinary masterpiece. But for now, I have to settle with attending these types of events, exposing myself with every material to teach myself "how expert chefs do it".

After registering, I was told to go upstairs and have a light breakfast. I was greeted by a handful of people lounging in the upstairs lobby, participants like me who were waiting for the event to start.

Light breakfast consisted of a dainty pistachio cake topped with a chocolate medallion and a choice between hot coffee or iced tea. I told myself, what a way to start this delicious day!


Me want to win Cookbook!

I have blogged several times how much I love food and all the process-in-between to transform ingredients into food. So imagine my excitement when I saw a giveaway where the coveted prize is a cookbook!


Picture Picture!

I had always been a fan of beautiful photos. There's something poignant with images that capture memories and other simple events that can never be repeated again. I had come to respect this encapsulate a moment aspect of photography when I gave birth to my daughter, Sophie. It's like I want to capture her every look, the littlest smile or the tiniest yawn. Everything seems to be too precious to be wasted and just let it pass by. Well, I tried my best to take a photo of anything Sophie, using my 3.2 MP cellphone camera or our 5 MP digital camera; I admit, it was a hit-and-miss thing.


Parcels From Afar

Since I saw a photo book, I have been wanting to encapsulate momentous events in one. But the cost of photo books here in the country prevents me from doing so. I don't want to spend thousands of pesos in them, blame it on the thrifty side of me. Until I came across ArtsCow.


One of those Days

"What's your problem? Hmm?" (Sophie at 3 months)
When everything and anything can make me feel so... down. Like all the happiness has been zapped out of me. It might be burnout. It could be just me plainly whining. I don't know.

What triggered this depression bout, you ask? It's a number of things actually. Sophie not wanting to eat, and vomiting the measly amount of food that she takes in when you force her to eat. The househelp staining one of my few precious blouses, a result of washing it -- a yellow-orange blouse -- with the red-colored clothes. Hubby coming in for lunch, declaring he's so burnt out with life and that he will rest today, absenting himself from this afternoon's work and evening school classes.


Something worthwhile

It's been more than a week since I last had an entry here. It was a busy week, filled with activities that involved family bonding and preparation for Sophie's 2nd birthday (less than 3 months to go!). While I can't bring myself to do a decent post, I never failed to check my Facebook account. It keeps me updated with what's happening to my family and friends who are here or abroad, and even keeps me updated with current events, courtesy of news feeds from a well-known broadsheet. I have been lurking for a while too, in Pinoy Bloggers' FB group so I could find activities I can participate in and eventually, blog about. One such thing snapped me out of my week-long blogger's block (my take on writer's block!): HotelwithHeart.com's Pencil Project Signature campaign.


Lo Siento

two words.
that's all I need
for me to be okay,
and for the hurt to go away.
should I cling to my pride?
or set my feelings aside?
must it always be me
who has to say,
"I'm sorry"?


Her Dada's Girl

Sophie, as I have been told many times, is my mini-me. Well, that's in the attitude part. So much for wishing that she only inherits everything that is good in me... :P

Anyway, Sophie has gotten her Dada's looks. See for yourself:

Relatives, friends, even Hubby's officemates had said so, though Sophie's Dada always answer back in reply: Hindi ko talaga makita yung resemblance e...

They also share the love for chocolates and ice cream. (But I love those too!) Both also love the water, dipping and splashing in the water on every chance they've got. And oh, they sleep the same way too! 

Sophie is also malambing (affectionate), another trait that is so like her Dada. She loves to be kissed and hugged, and likes to hug everyone around her.

That's it, I've ran out of things to say regarding my two loves' similarities. Maybe when Sophie gets older, I will have more stuff to share with you. ;)

Happy Father's Day Dada!
♥ Sophie

Hymn to Isis

For I am the first and the last
I am the venerated and the despised
I am the prostitute and the saint
I am the wife and the virgin
I am the mother and the daughter
I am the arms of my mother
I am the barren and my children are many
I am the married woman and the spinster
I am the woman who gives birth and she who never procreated
I am the consolation for the pain of birth
I am the wife and the husband
And he is my rejection
Always respect me
For I am the shameful and the magnificent one.

--from Paulo Coelho's Eleven Minutes


Kalayaan: Paninindigan ng Bayan

This Sunday, June 12, 2011 the whole nation celebrates its 113th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Philippine Independence with the theme: “Kalayaan: Paninindigan ng Bayan.”

Photo courtesy of The Official Website of Mati

Program of Activities

Program: “Watawat ko, Iwawagayway Ko” Nationwide
Date:1st-2nd week of May

Program: Display of flags, bandalas and tarpaulin banners along major thoroughfares of Metro Manila
Date: May 21-June 30

Program: “Araw ng Watawat ng Pilipinas” with VP Jejomar C. Binay as GOH
Date: May 28, 8:00 a.m.
Venue: Alapan, Imus, Cavite

Program: Replication of Kalayaan 2011 activities nationwide
Date: May 28-June 12 DILG (Lead agency)

Program: Replication of Kalayaan 2011 activities abroad
Date: May 28-June 12 DFA (Lead agency)

Program: “Sinekalayaan”
Venue: Rizal Open Auditorium, Rizal Park, Manila
  • June 10: Intramuros | Directed by: Eddie Romero | Starring: Fernando Poe Jr.
  • June 11: Panaghoy sa Suba: The Call of the River | Directed by: Cesar Montano | Starring: Cesar Montano, Juliana Palermo, Jacky Woo
  • June 12: Aishite Imasu 1941 (Mahal Kita) | Directed by: Joel Lamangan |Starring: Judy Ann Santos, Raymart | Santiago, Dennie Trillo
Program: “Parada ng Paganyaya”
Date: June 11, 7:00 a.m.
Venue: (Rizal Park send off venue)

Program: “Musikalayaan” Concert
Date: June 11, 2011 6:00 p.m.
Venue: Open Air-Auditorium, Rizal Park, Manila

Program: “Mga Pampamahalaang Programa at Serbisyo”
Date: June 11-12 | 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Venue: Rizal Park, Manila

Program: Martyrdom of Dr. Jose Rizal: A Lights and Sound Presentation
Date: June 11-14
Venue: Rizal Park, Manila (Free admission)
Guided Tour: 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.
Presentation: 6:00 p.m. – 6:30 p.m. (Tagalog Version: Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday)

Program: Simultaneous Flag-Raising and Wreath- Laying Ceremonies
Date: June 12, 7:00 a.m.
  • Rizal National Monument, Rizal Park | Manila – President Benigno S. Aquino III
  • Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine- Kawit, Cavite
  • Barasoain Church | Historical Landmark, Malolos, Bulacan- Speaker of the House Sonny Belmonte
  • Mausoleo de los Veteranos de la Revolucion-Manila North Cemetery- Secretary of National Defense Voltaire Gazmin
  • Gat Andres Bonifacio National Monument- Caloocan City-DILG Sec. Jesse Robredo
  • Pinaglabanan Memorial Shrine-San Juan City, Metro Manila – Sen. Teofisto TG Guingona III
  • Pamintuan Mansion, Angeles City – Sen. Francis Pangilinan
  • Davao City – Sec. Lualhati R. Antonino
  • Cebu City – Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia -
  • Other areas to be designated by the Chair, Kalayaan 2011
Program: Blowing of fog horns, sirens & church bells
Date: June 12, 7:00 a.m.
All sea vessels and churches nationwide

Program: AFP Static Display
Date: June 12, 8:00 a.m.
Venue: Rizal Park, Manila

Program: AFP Kinetic Presentation
Date: June 12, 10:00 a.m.
Venue: Rizal Park, Manila

Program: PMC Drum and Bugle Team Exhibition
Date: June 12, 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Rizal Park, Manila

Program: PMA Silent Drill Exhibition
Date: June 12, 1:00 p.m.
Venue: Rizal Park, Manila

Program: PNPA Slow Drill Exhibition
Date: June 12
Venue: Rizal Park, Manila

Program: “Parada ng Kalayaan”
Date: June 12, 4:00-6:00 p.m.
Venue: Quirino Grandstand, Rizal Park, Manila

Program: “Siklab ng Kalayaan” (Special Fireworks Display)
Date: June 12, 6:30 p.m.
Venue: Rizal Park, Manila

Program: Vin d honneur
Date: June 12
Venue: Malacanang Palace

Program: Kalayaan Book Sale
Date: June 11-12
Venue: Rizal Park, Manila

Program: Free LRT/MRT Rides
Date: June 12 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. | 5:00 to 7:00 p.m.

Program: Printing of Kalayaan Souvenir Magazine June

Program:  National Media Coverage and Promotions

Program: National Summit on Flag Advocates
Date: July 2011

Program:  Continuation of the nationwide Rollout of the Flag and Heraldic Code Advocacy Workshops
2011-2012 (year round)


A Gift for Him

My then-boyfriend-now-hubby and I were together since our sophomore year in college. He was my first boyfriend and my last. I can seriously say that I could not picture my life without him, for he had grown in me. Before we officially became "us", we were friends. I can even say, we're the best of friends. By some unknown force, I trusted him with everything that I have, including the pain of my past.

I just knew that we would end up together. And indeed, we did. By some stroke of fate, our daughter came at a most unexpected time. We weren't ready yet but still, he manned up and faced the responsibility. Though the order of events leading to us having a family life became jumbled, he tried to put everything in order -- he proposed clutching nervously, but beaming, a diamond ring, on bended knee by the Greenbelt Chapel. With God as his witness, he vowed to give me and our unborn child the best life we could possibly have.

I believe, he made true his promise. Even when later on, we found out that our angel Sophie is a special angel. He never failed to be the good provider, doting father and the sweetest husband that he is. Oh, have I mentioned he was still a law student when everything happened? He had taken up an 8AM-5PM work on top of 6PM-onwards-classes. In my eyes, he is SUPERMAN. His reserve for power? It's just, Sophie and me.

This coming Father's Day, I would love to give him something special. It is our way (Sophie and I) of saying Thank You... for everything. We do hope we continue to be his inspiration, and that may he always have the strength to accomplish all of his tasks. Most of all, we hope that he never forgets how much we love him so.

This blog post serves as my entry to Dainty Mom's Contest: Dinner for 2 at Chef Tatung's Private Dining.


Giant Balloons in BGC's Passion Parade

Last Saturday, we had the chance to catch the first-ever giant balloon parade in Bonifacio Global City. We came in really late because we went to celebrate Daddy's (father-in-law) birthday with relatives from his side. I thought we wouldn't make it, but we managed to see the balloons before they were installed in High Street. Without further ado, here are the pics.

Jiggles the Balloon Lady

Jacqueline Callanta (a.k.a. Jiggles the Balloon Lady) and her team created these delightful giant balloon sculptures. Anton Diaz of Our Awesome Planet spearheaded this event which aimed to showcase the passions of people communing in Bonifacio Global City.


1st Bloggers Buffet at Carol's Texan 5

I started out blogging fairly recently. I created this site so I can have an outlet where I can release my pent-up emotions and to have an avenue where I can publish the products of my creative juices. What I didn't know is that being a blogger opens up a whole new and exciting dimension. I could join contests held by fellow bloggers, I could even earn if I wish to. But most importantly, I could influence someone of his/her choices, be it regarding a restaurant, food or other services that can be availed out there. Still, there's another horizon I haven't explored and that's attending an "official blogger event". ;)

When I read about the 1st Bloggers Buffet that will be held at Carol's Texan 5 and to be sponsored by TenMinutesTops.com in cooperation with ClubTravelNOW.org, I decided to try my luck as well. Besides, I also want to try this relatively new resto. I have read from fellow bloggers that Carol's Texan 5 offers the best chicken and ribs this side of Manila. Checking out their menu, I saw this:

Reasonably priced, right? You have the option to dine at their resto located at 2F 713 J. Abad Santos St., Little Baguio, San Juan or have it at the comforts of your own home, just dial (02) 727.3843 / 0922.485.0154. However, they only deliver to San Juan, Mandaluyong, Ortigas and Pioneer only.

Having a party or any social function? Carol's Texan 5 also offers the following choices:
  • Event Food Booths (Got an event? Carol's Texan 5 booths are available for hire.) 
  • Party Trays (Order trays of your favorite Carol's Texan 5 dishes for special occasions.) 
  • Functions (Hold events at Carol's Texan 5.) 
  • Kiddie Meal Sets (Order meal sets for your office and kids parties.)

Browsing Carol's Texan 5 menu makes my stomach grumble. Anyway, I hope I'll make the cut. I would love to sample their offerings. And doing so with new-found friends in this Blogger Buffet will surely take the experience to another level.

Carol's Texan 5
Address: Carol’s Texan 5, 2F 713 J. Abad Santos St., Little Baguio, San Juan
Delivery: (02) 727.3843 / 0922.485.0154
Website: http://www.texan5.com
Fan Page: http:/www.facebook.com/texan5


How Motherhood Changed Me

I never denied that Sophie was unplanned. We had her at a time when both of us are in the stage where we only think about are ourselves, and how we can enjoy each other. But having Sophie in our lives had paved the way for a clearer vision of and direction for the future. I guess, what I had was indeed a "career change".

I had experienced working in an industry, albeit it was only just two short months. During those times, I had only thought about the things I will buy or where Hubby and I will eat out, once I take hold of my salary. It was an egocentric living, I admit. Also, there's that constant need to be together with my Hubby and that heady feeling that Hubby and I are the only ones that matter to each other -- as if the world revolves around the significant other.

Being a mom is an entirely different story altogether. It is a continuous learning experience to be selfless and patient. Patience is something that I am forever in short of, but I try my best to lengthen it; proverbial note to self is "Don't sweat the small stuff". I have drilled into my head too, that it is our daughter's needs (and sometimes wants) first before mine. Currently, I am trying to figure out how to do the intricate balance between doing that and not neglecting myself entirely...

And added bonus perhaps? Because Sophie is a special angel, I have learned to let go. An irony when you think of it, especially if you are a mother. As a mother, I manage everything -- her food, her bath, her playtime, her health, her well-being -- and the control freak in me is given free reign. But Sophie's condition has taught me that not everything, I can control nor the outcome, I can predict. I just have to grasp that idea that someone up there is in charge, and that I should simply surrender and just trust in Him.

Sophie is roughly only 21 months old. I am, but a new mother. I still have a lot to learn, and a good deal in me that can be changed.


Yummy treats at YUMMY Eats

I love food. Everything that has to do with it: finding the ingredients, that tedious process of preparing each and every item, cooking and of course, eating. Being around food is second nature to me, growing up with a mother who spends hours in the kitchen to whip up something delicious brought that about me. I'd like to try out new dishes once in a while and my favorite go-to for fresh concoctions? YUMMY -- both the magazine and the web portal.

So excited was I when I found out that they'd be holding a cooking, eating and food fair, the YUMMY Eats: Cooking and Eating Fair. I badly wanted to attend a foodie event of this kind, so I exhausted all means by which I can score a ticket to the event. Boy, I didn't win one but TWO tickets! Thanks to the contests done by The Food Alphabet and YUMMY Magazine's FB Page. With Sophie in tow, Hubby and I went to NBC Tent last Saturday (May 22) to experience our very first foodie event.

This way to the sweet street!

We feasted off on the samples given by more than thirty concessionaires. We went there on an empty stomach but two-thirds into the number of booths, Hubby begged off from all the eating (Haha. Now that's a first!).

I only got a few photos because, as I've already said, we're busy eating (Sophie included!). Anyway, we loved Risa's Chocolates. The truffles are divine! We wanted to take home some but given the short time that it stays solid (just ONE hour!), we opted to take home just the Cuadro, their version of chocolate square-shaped bars. Big Daddy's Chicken is another new find, the crispiness of the chicken is such a treat that you won't stop wanting for more (so much so that we bought some to take home for dinner). Mochiko's ice cream-filled mochis reminded us of the mochi we had in Hong Kong. Simply Pie! packed a lot in that small pie of theirs. Little Miss OC's Kitchen showcased creations that I really want to take home! Haha. Remember the cute minions in the movie Despicable Me? They have those in their cupcake designs! Really cute.

Simply Pie
Little Miss OC's Kitchen
Risa's Chocolates
Big Daddy's Chicken

Classic Confections

YUMMY message board

Overall, it was a pleasant experience for us newbie-foodies. It left us wanting for more of these events. Hope to attend another YUMMY event in the future!

Photobooth courtesy of Baicapture


Celebrating Mama's Birthday with a Big Bang!

My mother's birthday falls on May and sometimes, it even coincides with Mother's Day. It has been my birthday gift to my parents that during their birthdays, we go home and spend two weeks with them, letting them enjoy their granddaughter as much as they can. This year, however, we weren't able to do that. Sophie and I missed spending Mother's Day too in the company of my Mama. My brother and I thought of ways on how we could make it up to her when I found this ad:

Of course, being the practical person that I am, I immediately reserved a slot with Big Bang Studio. We managed to secure one which is before lunch time; wonderful timing since we had reservations in Berjaya in Makati for a birthday lunch. Wanting everything to be perfect, I searched online for classy yet modern take on family portraits. I conferred with my brother and we both agreed that we should at least come in matching colors. We settled for white polo sleeves for the guys and white blouses (or dress, in Sophie's case) for us women.

Mama's birthday soon came and we excitedly headed in search of Big Bang Studio's place. Good thing that my grandparents' house (where my parents stay in while they are here in Manila) is also in Mandaluyong. We found the place easily, and when I texted both Pearl and Madel (co-owners of Big Bang), they greeted us warmly upon arriving.

By the door, there's a "Shoes Not Allowed Inside" sign so we left our shoes outside and used the comfy slippers they provided. The studio feels homey, like the tambayan that you and your barkadas would surely love to while away a lazy afternoon. Soft music played in the background and as I scan the studio, a few interesting pieces adorn the place. We were ushered inside a room where they store most of their costumes and props to change in our all-white regalia. After which, the photo shoot began.

Madel shot our photos and instructed us on what to do, while Pearl tried her best to make Sophie smile. My apologies, Pearl... Sophie isn't really a giggly baby! At least Sophie has her eyes on the camera's direction. Hehe. After our "formal" pic, they suggested that we do a wacky pose. We donned whimsical and colorful hats, except for Sophie because she kept on tugging at whatever we put on her head. Two more poses were done, but this time around, it's only Sophie and her grandparents then Sophie and her lola.

Everything was finished in just less than half an hour. We changed back to our clothes and were invited to view the pictures. We were also asked what outputs we would like to avail. My brother opted to get a CD containing 10 hi-res edited shots. We chose the ten shots that we love (it was difficult to choose, mind you!) and we were told to come back after one week to get the pictures.

My brother dropped by their studio last Saturday, exactly one week after our family's photo shoot. Here are some of the finished products:

Formal shot
Wacky pose
Smiling Sophie with her grandparents
The birthday celebrant with her beloved apo :)

I loved all the pics! My parents had gone back to Bataan the day after this was taken, but my brother will be going home there this weekend. I'm sure when our parents see these pics, they'll love it too. Mama, especially. I can imagine her staring at this family portrait several times during the day. And she'll remember that this year, her birthday was celebrated with a Big Bang!

Big Bang Studio
836 Cristobal St., Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City 
E-mail: bigbangphoto@gmail.com
Tel: (02) 546-4414 and (02) 964-5339
Mobile: +63927-501-5382 (Pearl)
+63917-811-6239 (Madel)
Website: http://bigbangstudio.wordpress.com/
Gtalk: bigbangphoto
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bigbangstudio.ph


Please Help Find Jessica Rasalan

I don't know this kid personally, nor any of her family members. I don't know too what I would do if this happens to me. What I do know is that I am a MOTHER, and that I want to help, in the only way that I can.

If you've seen this little girl or know any info regarding her whereabouts, kindly contact the numbers posted in the photo. Thanks so much.
For more info, click on the photo. It will direct you to the Facebook page created by the child's family in search for her.


My Stint at Being a Fashionista

I am your girl-next-door type of person. My knowledge about fashion is limited to scanning glossy magazines and observing what the celebs wore on TV. Dressing up once in a while, I don't mind. But trying to make it an everyday thing is just too tedious for me... Maybe because I'm a mom already that I don't pay that much attention to myself and would rather lavish it on my daughter, I don't know. So imagine my surprise when my virtual friend*** invited me to watch Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 last May 13.

I was at a lost on what to wear and whom I'll be going with. Hubby still has work and that being a Friday, mom-in-law's car can't be used because of number coding. I was hesitant to go, but Hubby urged me to -- "Sayang yung opportunity". So I plucked something out of my closet that what I think is something appropriate to wear and had my sister-in-law tag along.

I was instructed to arrive early in SMX, perhaps to have some time to queue up for registration. Word of the day? GORGEOUS. Everyone was all dolled up, and all suited up. Our eyes feasted on the beautiful people around us. Before we knew it, it's almost show time.

Did I say GORGEOUS already? The dressed up crowd awaited excitedly as every model stepped into the runway, wearing the GORGEOUS creations of our very own designers. I was so honored to have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the unveiling of their months' worth of works. Hope I get to watch another fashion show in the near future! ;)

It's me! All glammed up ;)
My sister-in-law, a budding fashionista :)


My friend's collection named "Querida"

***I call him "my virtual friend" because he's someone I still haven't met in person. I've "seen" him one too many times, and because of my boldness (and with the help of social networking), I became his friend. HE is none other than Santi Obcena. THE Santi Obcena. I became a fan of his when he impressed me with his designs and craftsmanship from way back, during his Project Runway Season 2 days. Having the tool called Facebook at my fingertips, I gingerly looked him up and dropped him a message, telling him that I was rooting for him to win. I told him I'm a fan, but he referred to me as a friend. Thus our so-called friendship began.