My body is aching all over. Both my arms, my thighs and legs, and my tummy as well. And it is all because of David. No, he isn't my husband. Err... I am not having an extramarital affair either. Before you go on with your other theories, hear me out first. Okay?

It was the start of this year then when I saw this group-buying site that offered a deal about Fitness First. The deal includes: 1-month Home Membership with unlimited use of Gym facilities, access to all Group Classes and 3 Personal Training Sessions worth Php 1,000 per session, with BODYFIRST® Kit (3 informative and practical books that will boost your knowledge about your body, fitness, resistance training, gym lingo, nutritional guide and much more), Duffle Bag, Water Bottle, Headphones and Hand Towel. And it's all for Php1950 only.

I bought the deal without hubby's knowledge and using my brother's credit card. Hubby soon found out about it because I have to pay my brother in time for the credit card's billing due and my savings weren't enough to cover the amount. Hubby did not get mad or anything, in fact, he was very supportive. He kept asking me when do I start the program. I kept on moving it, telling him "Tsaka na lang..." until the period for redemption is almost here (April 4). I have no choice but to finally do it.

I kept on postponing going to the gym because I was kind of shy. Hehe. I was afraid also of looking like a fool there, not knowing what to do or where to start. I was afraid too of what my family will say, "Pumupunta ka pa sa gym, wala ka namang pinagbabago". Eventually, I mustered enough courage to tell myself that that is exactly why I would be going to the gym for in the first place: to see some changes, either in my physical strength or even a little, in my physique

It was a big help that there's a 3 personal training session included in the package. At least someone is there to help me jumpstart this new endeavor that I am getting myself into. Remember David? He is my fitness trainer for 3 sessions. (Now you know!) He helped me set some goals and also be realistic on the results that I should expect. He had somehow given me perspective as to where I am at the beginning and where I could be after the month ends.

I am now on my second week in the gym. I initially planned to be there five times a week. But being a mommy and a wifey, I had managed to go there every other day. I had even skipped four gym days because I have to attend to some stuff here at home. My sessions with David was done already, and I have no choice but to let him go; I could not afford the hefty price of a trainer. But I am trying to do my best to remember everything he taught me in those trainings that I had. Now I am just having fun (and pain!) experiencing the various group classes that they have to offer.

Oops, it's past 10AM already. Gotta go and prepare myself for an 11:15AM group class! Will get back to you soon.

Bye! ;)

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