A Weekend Treat from your Mercato Favorites

Living in the outskirts of Global City has its perks, and one of them is being a jeepney ride away from the Mercato Centrale! I was so excited when this weekend market opened late last year. Our weekends were always jampacked with activities then that I had to content myself at first with reading (and salivating!) other bloggers' posts about the foodie finds in Mercato. February came and we finally had the time to visit!

Hubby and I had a difficult time restraining ourselves from buying every delectable thing that we saw. We told ourselves that we can come again some other time, thus our loot was composed of a few fundamentals: Bale Dutung's Pan de Bagnet, Cello's Doughnuts, Chefs on Sundays' The Perfect Steak, Merry Moo's Aztec Choco and Sea Salt Caramel, Manang's Chicken and French macarons from I-forgot-what-store-we-bought-it-from. (Photos from Anton Diaz's Our Awesome Planet)


That's almost a picnic basket right? But there's still a lot more that we haven't tasted. We haven't returned in a while, what with the summer plans and all. However, we have a perfect reason to go back this Saturday AND Sunday -- Mercato Favorites Weekend Treat.

From the merchants listed above, we've so far tried three, so that means we have a dozen stores to visit and discounts to avail of! So go ahead, visit the Mercato Centrale this weekend. I'll see you there!


Mercato Centrale said...

Congratulations! Your blog won in the Mercato Favorites Weekend Treats contest:) Pls check this link for details:


Vanenie said...

WOW! Thanks! :) More power to the Mercato Centrale family!

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