A new baby

I have always been fond of browsing the web and reading the posts that fellow mommies have written in their blogs. I would love to make one but I thought I don't have the patience to keep a blog up. I feel that I don't have a clear reason as to what should I blog about...

Now I think I may have defined my purpose for blogging. It's simply, not having any direction at all. (Confusing right?) I mean, it's my blog so it's my call. Haha. But basically, I will make this an outlet. For the pent-up frustrations of not being able to communicate with a child who simply can't talk yet. For the mixed emotions I have experienced, experiencing or will experience in the future. Or maybe, just a venue for me to say the things that I do not have the courage to speak out loud. Here, I will try to tell them anyway.

So here it is. My online diary, my new baby: Vanenie's Musings.

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