Of toddlers and colds

Sophie has been with colds since last Friday. I don't know where she got it. Maybe it's just the extremes in the weather (and the air-conditioning as well!). It's officially summer, for the warm and humid days are here again. Instant solution for an irritated and hot baby? Turn the air-conditioning on. However, our air-con has its quirks. Sometimes, the thermostat doesn't seem to respond well and we're left shivering. I am left with no choice but to manually adjust the settings. My mother's advice is to keep Sophie's body at an even temperature. Uhm... how do you do that? Anyway, I guess I failed. She's got the sniffles after all.

So for the past few days, Sophie had been having trouble sleeping; perhaps due to her stuffed nose and caked mucus. I tried cleaning her nostrils but all we end up in is fighting! She's screaming and flailing her arms at me while I, the ever villainous mommy, had to hold her still while I clean her nostrils with cotton buds and an aspirator. Seriously, how do you teach a child how to blow her nose?

Sigh. And there's the drinking-of-the-medicine part. Sophie apparently has inherited my stubbornness. You can't make her do something she doesn't want. Ever. So making her drink medicine is another drama in itself. Aside from the screaming and flailing of arms, there's the additional vomiting or trying to vomit stage. That is IF I had been successful in putting the medicine dropper in her mouth. Because the medicine dropper could fly off somewhere (she had swiped my hand in one blow) or she had managed to toss her head (and her body as well) in every direction possible.

I hope she gets well very soon. And I better stock up on citrusy fruits to feed her after this. I have had enough "sticky" drama to last me an entire month.

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