Our Holy Week(end)

The Lenten season is over and the Christ has risen again. I was on a writing hiatus, partly because it is my "sacrifice" that I offered during the period of penance. Actually, I should have resolved to abstaining from using the internet entirely to make it a more worthwhile sacrifice. That and eating and any form of merriment. Hmm. Quite a difficult thing to pull off, given my family's love for celebrations and eating out. I've mentioned that my uncle and his family is home for three weeks right? Well, their stay is almost over. They are home-bound this coming Tuesday. So that means the remaining days are precious and are spent with family gatherings, Holy Week notwithstanding.

Good Friday was spent travelling to Luisiana where my paternal grandparents are from. The family yearly participates in the procession, given that our wood carving of the dead Jesus Christ is the highlight of the Good Friday procession. It is a version of the famed Santo Entierro or "Holy Burial". It has been with the family for decades, a heritage passed onto us by my great grandmother. After the procession, a "pakain" or feast is given, something similar to the custom of serving food after a burial.

 The Family's Santo Entierro

Black Saturday in our quaint hometown is quite festive, marked with reunions left and right. So ours was spent pretty much the same way, this year being a family reunion of sorts. We went to a nearby house of a distant relative and ate lunch there. In what way that relative is connected to me, I have no idea; just this bit of info that he/they are from my paternal grandmother's side. Later that day, we traveled to another part of Laguna, this being Los Banos -- the home of hot springs resort, buko pie and Mt. Makiling.

What a tough ride it was. My MIL's Innova which we borrowed broke down on us again. Good thing the whole family was in a convoy so help was readily available. However, the car's problem is not something that can be readily fixed, so we were left with no choice but to hitch a ride to my other uncles' cars and leave the Innova somewhere safe. Another bump in the ride, the traffic that lengthened our travel time. Traffic that was due to the scores of people going back to Manila and due to those people, like us, who are making their way to resorts and private pools.

Famished, we arrived 830 PM with no dinner yet. Spaghetti was the saving grace (which was gone in minutes by the way) but it was barely enough to satisfy the hunger of everyone. An impromptu debut was planned for my balikbayan cousin so while waiting for food to be cooked, we proceeded with the program. It was a Luau-themed party. Present were only us, immediate family, so the should-be 18 roses, candles and gifts were trimmed down to how many of each was there in us, though the roses were almost completed, given that the boys in our family outnumber the girls. Everyone had a part, even the kids, and I was glad that everybody gamely participated. Dinner commenced afterward, and when they had their fill, each headed off to either swim in the pool, drink and get drunk, sing in the videoke or just sleep. Hubby and Sophie was tired already, so off to sleep we went.

Our floral family

Finally, it's Easter Sunday. Happy Easter everyone! We're done with the Easter egg hunt an hour ago. Everyone went swimming too, and eating is being done, well at your own accord. Our reservation in this place is until 6 PM but we'll probably bail out early, not wanting to join in the traffic that we've had a taste of last night. Hubby and I will still go to Sta. Cruz to get the Innova and meet up with the tow truck.

Water-loving Sophie with her uncle (my brother)

I'm hoping against hope that the traffic will not be as heavy when we make our trip later. Or else, this will be an extension of calvary, a prolonged penance...

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