Hubby and office mates' outing was a success! I managed to shop, prepare and cook food for the eight of us. Our menu consisted of the following:
  • Beef salpicao
  • Sisig
  • Inihaw na liempo
  • Chicken barbecue
  • Ensaladang mangga (green mangoes + tomatoes + onions + bagoong)
We had ripe mangoes for dessert and grilled hotdogs for merienda. Hubby praised me endlessly that everything turned out perfect. He was so proud of me that he keep on telling his office mates that that was my dream -- to become a housewife. ;) It was tiring, but I was pleased that I had fed everyone and that the food was more than enough for us. I was afraid that my estimation might be incorrect, thus resulting in a shortage of food. But thank God, we still have leftovers after.

I was able to get along well with Hubby's office mates. They are easy to be with anyway. I felt at ease even when we were still on our way to Cavite. I missed meeting Chan, she had a family emergency so I wasn't able to meet her. I loved Kim -- Hubby's openly gay office mate! He sure has a knack for delivering lines and making us laugh 'till our sides ache. They were mostly younger than us by a few years so hubby and I were really on our toes then, making sure everybody was okay and enjoying themselves.

Sunblock-covered Sophie

Mandatory group pic before going home

That's it! Hope there are more of this in the near future. I don't think I'll get tired of doing this for them. ;)

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