Summer getaway

I feel left out. My cousins, aunts and uncles, as well as my grandparents on Papa's side are all in Subic. As I speak (er... write?), they are splashing on the cool waters, enjoying the sun and pigging out on the sumptuous food Mama has prepared. My uncle and his family who are based in Nevada are in the country for a three-week vacation. They have been here since last week, in time for our lolo's 80th birthday celebration. Now they are there spending a weekend in our house and currently, they are at the beach.

I wanted to come. But Papa told me not to. He said that they needed the extra room (my room) for the fifteen or so guests. He even mentioned that when we are there, Mama will just have her hands full even more with Sophie. You see, when Sophie is around, Mama cares less about everything else (promise!). Her eyes are only for Sophie, heck, her world revolves around Sophie! That's how sabik she is with her first apo.

So okay, I understand. Me not welcome in my own house. Bummer. Good thing Hubby has plans for tomorrow that includes me (and Sophie). He and his office mates planned to go outing too. I'm excited and a bit shy at the prospect. It will be my first time to go to Ternate, Cavite and it's also my first time to spend, not just an hour or two, but a whole day with his office mates. I've met some of them before, a few I am even Facebook friends with. I guess I need to brush up on my social skills then. Being a SAHM can make those skills rusty. Sure I get to interact with friends and acquaintances, but mostly it is through social networking sites. (Loser much? LOL.)

Oh, and I get to prepare the food for tomorrow. Guess who volunteered me? Hubby, who has been my no. 1 fan, and avid devourer (is there such a word?) of the finished products of my cooking, of course! The menu is simple as he put it; just barbecue and two more dishes. But it's for 10 people. I have no trouble cooking for any number of people. I have problems estimating the quantity I should prepare for each dish though. Thank God, Mama is around to help me do just that.

Hubby and I will buy the things that I need later. Wish me luck. This is my time to shine! Haha. Nah, should everything turn out right, it will just give me some semblance of affirmation that I can REALLY cook.

I'll update you soon!

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