Celebrating Mama's Birthday with a Big Bang!

My mother's birthday falls on May and sometimes, it even coincides with Mother's Day. It has been my birthday gift to my parents that during their birthdays, we go home and spend two weeks with them, letting them enjoy their granddaughter as much as they can. This year, however, we weren't able to do that. Sophie and I missed spending Mother's Day too in the company of my Mama. My brother and I thought of ways on how we could make it up to her when I found this ad:

Of course, being the practical person that I am, I immediately reserved a slot with Big Bang Studio. We managed to secure one which is before lunch time; wonderful timing since we had reservations in Berjaya in Makati for a birthday lunch. Wanting everything to be perfect, I searched online for classy yet modern take on family portraits. I conferred with my brother and we both agreed that we should at least come in matching colors. We settled for white polo sleeves for the guys and white blouses (or dress, in Sophie's case) for us women.

Mama's birthday soon came and we excitedly headed in search of Big Bang Studio's place. Good thing that my grandparents' house (where my parents stay in while they are here in Manila) is also in Mandaluyong. We found the place easily, and when I texted both Pearl and Madel (co-owners of Big Bang), they greeted us warmly upon arriving.

By the door, there's a "Shoes Not Allowed Inside" sign so we left our shoes outside and used the comfy slippers they provided. The studio feels homey, like the tambayan that you and your barkadas would surely love to while away a lazy afternoon. Soft music played in the background and as I scan the studio, a few interesting pieces adorn the place. We were ushered inside a room where they store most of their costumes and props to change in our all-white regalia. After which, the photo shoot began.

Madel shot our photos and instructed us on what to do, while Pearl tried her best to make Sophie smile. My apologies, Pearl... Sophie isn't really a giggly baby! At least Sophie has her eyes on the camera's direction. Hehe. After our "formal" pic, they suggested that we do a wacky pose. We donned whimsical and colorful hats, except for Sophie because she kept on tugging at whatever we put on her head. Two more poses were done, but this time around, it's only Sophie and her grandparents then Sophie and her lola.

Everything was finished in just less than half an hour. We changed back to our clothes and were invited to view the pictures. We were also asked what outputs we would like to avail. My brother opted to get a CD containing 10 hi-res edited shots. We chose the ten shots that we love (it was difficult to choose, mind you!) and we were told to come back after one week to get the pictures.

My brother dropped by their studio last Saturday, exactly one week after our family's photo shoot. Here are some of the finished products:

Formal shot
Wacky pose
Smiling Sophie with her grandparents
The birthday celebrant with her beloved apo :)

I loved all the pics! My parents had gone back to Bataan the day after this was taken, but my brother will be going home there this weekend. I'm sure when our parents see these pics, they'll love it too. Mama, especially. I can imagine her staring at this family portrait several times during the day. And she'll remember that this year, her birthday was celebrated with a Big Bang!

Big Bang Studio
836 Cristobal St., Shaw Boulevard, Mandaluyong City 
E-mail: bigbangphoto@gmail.com
Tel: (02) 546-4414 and (02) 964-5339
Mobile: +63927-501-5382 (Pearl)
+63917-811-6239 (Madel)
Website: http://bigbangstudio.wordpress.com/
Gtalk: bigbangphoto
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/bigbangstudio.ph

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very nice pictures, i'm sure your mom will love it.

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