My Stint at Being a Fashionista

I am your girl-next-door type of person. My knowledge about fashion is limited to scanning glossy magazines and observing what the celebs wore on TV. Dressing up once in a while, I don't mind. But trying to make it an everyday thing is just too tedious for me... Maybe because I'm a mom already that I don't pay that much attention to myself and would rather lavish it on my daughter, I don't know. So imagine my surprise when my virtual friend*** invited me to watch Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2011 last May 13.

I was at a lost on what to wear and whom I'll be going with. Hubby still has work and that being a Friday, mom-in-law's car can't be used because of number coding. I was hesitant to go, but Hubby urged me to -- "Sayang yung opportunity". So I plucked something out of my closet that what I think is something appropriate to wear and had my sister-in-law tag along.

I was instructed to arrive early in SMX, perhaps to have some time to queue up for registration. Word of the day? GORGEOUS. Everyone was all dolled up, and all suited up. Our eyes feasted on the beautiful people around us. Before we knew it, it's almost show time.

Did I say GORGEOUS already? The dressed up crowd awaited excitedly as every model stepped into the runway, wearing the GORGEOUS creations of our very own designers. I was so honored to have had the opportunity to witness firsthand the unveiling of their months' worth of works. Hope I get to watch another fashion show in the near future! ;)

It's me! All glammed up ;)
My sister-in-law, a budding fashionista :)


My friend's collection named "Querida"

***I call him "my virtual friend" because he's someone I still haven't met in person. I've "seen" him one too many times, and because of my boldness (and with the help of social networking), I became his friend. HE is none other than Santi Obcena. THE Santi Obcena. I became a fan of his when he impressed me with his designs and craftsmanship from way back, during his Project Runway Season 2 days. Having the tool called Facebook at my fingertips, I gingerly looked him up and dropped him a message, telling him that I was rooting for him to win. I told him I'm a fan, but he referred to me as a friend. Thus our so-called friendship began.

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