“What gift would you like for Mother’s Day?”

It was Tuesday last week when I received an email from fellow SP (that's Smart Parenting for you) mom asking the question above. Apparently she needs to write a feature about the said topic for the array of articles to be featured in Smart Parenting's website in time for Mother's Day. I replied immediately, convinced by the email sender's note that the gift I like MIGHT be given to me.

Visiting the website last Monday, I found myself a pleasant surprise:

"Mommy Vanenie says she has always loved food and anything that has to do with it -- cooking, baking and eating. She saw this book from the movie Julie & Julia in 2009 and was enthralled. Though she has no formal culinary training, she wants to try the recipes featured in the book. The author Julia Child had made it seem simple and she wants to experience authentic French cooking without having to spend a fortune.

I haven't received anything yet. I guess I misunderstood the email and there's really nothing to expect. It's okay, at least I have this. :)

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