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I love food. Everything that has to do with it: finding the ingredients, that tedious process of preparing each and every item, cooking and of course, eating. Being around food is second nature to me, growing up with a mother who spends hours in the kitchen to whip up something delicious brought that about me. I'd like to try out new dishes once in a while and my favorite go-to for fresh concoctions? YUMMY -- both the magazine and the web portal.

So excited was I when I found out that they'd be holding a cooking, eating and food fair, the YUMMY Eats: Cooking and Eating Fair. I badly wanted to attend a foodie event of this kind, so I exhausted all means by which I can score a ticket to the event. Boy, I didn't win one but TWO tickets! Thanks to the contests done by The Food Alphabet and YUMMY Magazine's FB Page. With Sophie in tow, Hubby and I went to NBC Tent last Saturday (May 22) to experience our very first foodie event.

This way to the sweet street!

We feasted off on the samples given by more than thirty concessionaires. We went there on an empty stomach but two-thirds into the number of booths, Hubby begged off from all the eating (Haha. Now that's a first!).

I only got a few photos because, as I've already said, we're busy eating (Sophie included!). Anyway, we loved Risa's Chocolates. The truffles are divine! We wanted to take home some but given the short time that it stays solid (just ONE hour!), we opted to take home just the Cuadro, their version of chocolate square-shaped bars. Big Daddy's Chicken is another new find, the crispiness of the chicken is such a treat that you won't stop wanting for more (so much so that we bought some to take home for dinner). Mochiko's ice cream-filled mochis reminded us of the mochi we had in Hong Kong. Simply Pie! packed a lot in that small pie of theirs. Little Miss OC's Kitchen showcased creations that I really want to take home! Haha. Remember the cute minions in the movie Despicable Me? They have those in their cupcake designs! Really cute.

Simply Pie
Little Miss OC's Kitchen
Risa's Chocolates
Big Daddy's Chicken

Classic Confections

YUMMY message board

Overall, it was a pleasant experience for us newbie-foodies. It left us wanting for more of these events. Hope to attend another YUMMY event in the future!

Photobooth courtesy of Baicapture

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