A Gift for Him

My then-boyfriend-now-hubby and I were together since our sophomore year in college. He was my first boyfriend and my last. I can seriously say that I could not picture my life without him, for he had grown in me. Before we officially became "us", we were friends. I can even say, we're the best of friends. By some unknown force, I trusted him with everything that I have, including the pain of my past.

I just knew that we would end up together. And indeed, we did. By some stroke of fate, our daughter came at a most unexpected time. We weren't ready yet but still, he manned up and faced the responsibility. Though the order of events leading to us having a family life became jumbled, he tried to put everything in order -- he proposed clutching nervously, but beaming, a diamond ring, on bended knee by the Greenbelt Chapel. With God as his witness, he vowed to give me and our unborn child the best life we could possibly have.

I believe, he made true his promise. Even when later on, we found out that our angel Sophie is a special angel. He never failed to be the good provider, doting father and the sweetest husband that he is. Oh, have I mentioned he was still a law student when everything happened? He had taken up an 8AM-5PM work on top of 6PM-onwards-classes. In my eyes, he is SUPERMAN. His reserve for power? It's just, Sophie and me.

This coming Father's Day, I would love to give him something special. It is our way (Sophie and I) of saying Thank You... for everything. We do hope we continue to be his inspiration, and that may he always have the strength to accomplish all of his tasks. Most of all, we hope that he never forgets how much we love him so.

This blog post serves as my entry to Dainty Mom's Contest: Dinner for 2 at Chef Tatung's Private Dining.


Jenggai said...

awww... such a sweet love story :)

Vanenie said...

thanks sis :)

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