Her Dada's Girl

Sophie, as I have been told many times, is my mini-me. Well, that's in the attitude part. So much for wishing that she only inherits everything that is good in me... :P

Anyway, Sophie has gotten her Dada's looks. See for yourself:

Relatives, friends, even Hubby's officemates had said so, though Sophie's Dada always answer back in reply: Hindi ko talaga makita yung resemblance e...

They also share the love for chocolates and ice cream. (But I love those too!) Both also love the water, dipping and splashing in the water on every chance they've got. And oh, they sleep the same way too! 

Sophie is also malambing (affectionate), another trait that is so like her Dada. She loves to be kissed and hugged, and likes to hug everyone around her.

That's it, I've ran out of things to say regarding my two loves' similarities. Maybe when Sophie gets older, I will have more stuff to share with you. ;)

Happy Father's Day Dada!
♥ Sophie

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Witchy Crazy Mommy said...

Our daughters have the same name pala. Cute naman, synchronized sleeping din sila!

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