A Taste of the Fine Things in Life

On a rainy Saturday morning last July 9, I made my way to Enderun College for FOOD Magazine's Kitchen Series. I was really excited to be there because it was my first time to enter a culinary school. My passion for food gives me this dream of someday studying in a culinary school and be taught with all the techniques needed to create a culinary masterpiece. But for now, I have to settle with attending these types of events, exposing myself with every material to teach myself "how expert chefs do it".

After registering, I was told to go upstairs and have a light breakfast. I was greeted by a handful of people lounging in the upstairs lobby, participants like me who were waiting for the event to start.

Light breakfast consisted of a dainty pistachio cake topped with a chocolate medallion and a choice between hot coffee or iced tea. I told myself, what a way to start this delicious day!


Me want to win Cookbook!

I have blogged several times how much I love food and all the process-in-between to transform ingredients into food. So imagine my excitement when I saw a giveaway where the coveted prize is a cookbook!


Picture Picture!

I had always been a fan of beautiful photos. There's something poignant with images that capture memories and other simple events that can never be repeated again. I had come to respect this encapsulate a moment aspect of photography when I gave birth to my daughter, Sophie. It's like I want to capture her every look, the littlest smile or the tiniest yawn. Everything seems to be too precious to be wasted and just let it pass by. Well, I tried my best to take a photo of anything Sophie, using my 3.2 MP cellphone camera or our 5 MP digital camera; I admit, it was a hit-and-miss thing.


Parcels From Afar

Since I saw a photo book, I have been wanting to encapsulate momentous events in one. But the cost of photo books here in the country prevents me from doing so. I don't want to spend thousands of pesos in them, blame it on the thrifty side of me. Until I came across ArtsCow.