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I had always been a fan of beautiful photos. There's something poignant with images that capture memories and other simple events that can never be repeated again. I had come to respect this encapsulate a moment aspect of photography when I gave birth to my daughter, Sophie. It's like I want to capture her every look, the littlest smile or the tiniest yawn. Everything seems to be too precious to be wasted and just let it pass by. Well, I tried my best to take a photo of anything Sophie, using my 3.2 MP cellphone camera or our 5 MP digital camera; I admit, it was a hit-and-miss thing.

Recently, I was presented an opportunity to hone my photography skills. Belle De Jour Power Planner, through its membership club, held a Basic Photography workshop for a handful of us bellas. Inclusion in the said workshop was a mix of talent and luck, as the resource person would choose among those who submitted their photos, the participants for the event. I sent the photo above of Sophie, taken when she was just 5 months old.

When I was chosen, it somehow gave me a boost in confidence that indeed, I have an eye for good photos. I just have to learn the ropes to be a better photographer. So on a blustery Saturday, I made my way to Venice Piazza for the workshop. Dubbed as BDJ Passion Series by Venice Piazza: Shutterbugs Unite!, the workshop featured Ms. Angela Nina Barcelona of Images by MediaWorld Creatives Co. That afternoon, she taught us the fundamentals of photography, emphasizing on composition and the classic Rule of Thirds that every photographer should know.

We were also introduced to the different types of photography, and was briefly told what element should we focus on in each type. We got to critique some of our submitted photos too, before we were told that we are to roam the venue and with our best shot, take pictures representing  a few of the different types of photography.

I scanned Venice Piazza on where to go to take various photos. I saw several options there. Anyway, here are, I think, the best that I've got.

Food Photography
Well, at least, this is my attempt at doing it. I found chocolate truffles being sold by Sins Choc Shoppe.

Portrait Photography
Uhm... more specifically, kids at the playground. I asked their adult companion (not sure if he's their dad e!) if I could take pictures of them and he agreed.

I also have this stolen shot of Ms. Darlyn Ty, creator of Belle De Jour Power Planner.

Architecture Photography
Hope I did justice to the lovely European-inspired design of Venice Piazza.

Still-Life Photography
This bunch is the table centerpiece at Sweet Pea by Chef Florabel Co. I found the lamp really quaint and cute. 

All photos were taken using Sony Cybershot T-77, which is in automatic settings for ISO, aperture and shutter speed. (Note to self: Learn how to manipulate those three!) So what do you think? Did I show signs of improvement in this craft? :)

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