Love As I See It

Love can be seen purest through the eyes of a child.
Love can be that of being together amidst the multitude and yet, nothing else matters but each other.
Love can be the link that binds anyone, be it kin or not.
Love can be felt as the force that unites people with a common goal.

But what is LOVE as I see it?
It is this: the unwavering commitment for each other that can weather any storm, enduring everything together with God as witness. The look that says "When I look at you, I still see the young lady I have married half a century ago... the one whom I have loved and will continue to love, until I breathe my last".

This is my entry to "Love as I see it". A project of www.islandrose.net flowers Philippines.

Fresh and HOT... on the dot!

Being a mother and a kitchen demi-goddess myself, I always make it a point to serve freshly-prepared meals for my family. I try to adjust my preparation and cooking time such that I finish just in time for lunch or dinner to be served. Fresh and hot -- two of the qualities of an appetizing meal that I place the most premium in, and to a homemaker's delight, Pizza Hut shares the same views.

Last Saturday, I was invited to witness another innovation courtesy of Pizza Hut -- HOT on the Dot sticker. This thermal-sensitive sticker guarantees the customer that the pizza being delivered at their doorsteps is Fresh and HOT. The sticker is initially all black, but once it is put on the designated spot, it reveals the word HOT in red, bold letters.


Inner Masochist?

Is this simply inflicting pain to myself? Continuously subscribing to BabyCenter's weekly newsletter, knowing too well that Sophie does not develop in the same manner as described there? When all I do is open the email and move it to a folder named BabyCenter?


Baby on the Way

Since Sophie's 2nd birthday is fast approaching, and I am quite busy with all the DIY party details, I am going to post two of my journal entries I have written when I was still pregnant with her. It is my way of remembering how swiftly and sweetly, two and a half years (including being pregnant with her) had gone by.
 May 6, 2009

inside the womb. A sensation utterly surprising, it made me pause for a second and think if it is something else. My stomach grumbling perhaps? Nah. I just finished eating then. The movement was more of something turning inside, and sometimes, a little nudge here and there.


Let's go back to how it all began...

August 8, 2004
3:30 AM

He texted me this message:
"Yup... kilala mo na siguro kung sino yun? I'm sorry kung lagi kitang naiisip. Di ko naman alam kung papaano gagawin to eh :) hehehe di ba nga sabi ko hindi ko pa nga kaya ang sarili ko tapos magsasama pa ako ng isa, pero ewan ko. bigla na lang eh. okay lang kung ayaw mo. Wala naman akong hinihingi, gusto ko lang sabihin. Nahihiya na ako hehehe Corny kaya ayaw ko eh" (01:54:43AM 08/08/04)
And now I can't sleep. My stomach is in knots and I can't think of anything now but how my life has turned topsy-turvy since I have read that message...


"Bad baby!"

If Sophie did something that merits reprimand, I really don't let it pass. Of course, it is my little way of reinforcing what is okay or not okay to do. I will simply tell her at that instant that she stop whatever it is that she's doing. Usually, it's that habit of hers to pull the hair of the person in front of her. Or when she's pinching that kid whom she had just met. She listens -- sometimes; most of the time, she doesn't. On occasions that she does not listen to her mother, two words can stop her dead on her tracks guaranteed.


Midnight Experiment: Cake Pops

Forgive me for the rather crudeness of the handiwork. It is, after all, my first attempt to do this. ;) I had my first encounter with cake pops when Starbucks had a promo last March 11 to give this out to their first 30 customers per store. I was curious about what these cake pops are. Simply put, cake pops are just bite-sized cakes skewered with a stick, presented in a manner similar to a lollipop.