Baby on the Way

Since Sophie's 2nd birthday is fast approaching, and I am quite busy with all the DIY party details, I am going to post two of my journal entries I have written when I was still pregnant with her. It is my way of remembering how swiftly and sweetly, two and a half years (including being pregnant with her) had gone by.
 May 6, 2009

inside the womb. A sensation utterly surprising, it made me pause for a second and think if it is something else. My stomach grumbling perhaps? Nah. I just finished eating then. The movement was more of something turning inside, and sometimes, a little nudge here and there.

Anyhow, I welcome it. This life that is developing within me as each day passes. I just hope and pray he/she is as normal as possible. That whatever I had unintentionally done at the onslaught of his/her life, given that I was then unaware of his/her existence, will not affect him/her in any way... A soon-to-be-mom could only hope for the best.


Spanish Pinay said...

Napaclick ako agad kala ko you're having your second na!! :-)

Spanish Pinay

Sapphire Mommy said...

haha,i thought Sophie's going to be an ate na :)

Vanenie said...

Is the title that catchy and misleading? Haha. Sorry!

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