"Bad baby!"

If Sophie did something that merits reprimand, I really don't let it pass. Of course, it is my little way of reinforcing what is okay or not okay to do. I will simply tell her at that instant that she stop whatever it is that she's doing. Usually, it's that habit of hers to pull the hair of the person in front of her. Or when she's pinching that kid whom she had just met. She listens -- sometimes; most of the time, she doesn't. On occasions that she does not listen to her mother, two words can stop her dead on her tracks guaranteed.
"Bad baby!"
Upon hearing that, she will look at me as if to analyze if Mommy is just joking or Mommy means business. When my expression isn't convincing enough, she returns to what she'd been doing and ignores me completely. When she sees the stern face, and she's convinced that I am telling her off, she shakes her head. I guess her way of telling me: "No Mommy. Sophie is a good girl". I repeat those two words again and instantly her reaction would change like this:

Sad Face. Full-blown cry. Ultimate face of the oppressed.

At this point, all thoughts in Mommy's head vanishes and she just kisses Sophie before explaining to her whatever it is that Sophie did which, according to Mommy, is bad. When finally we had reached an understanding, all is well and Sophie is again, our good baby. ;)

Sophie all smiles!


Spanish Pinay said...

Oh my she's cute.

My little one also loves to pull hair - she's 15months and I know she's not doing this because she wants to hurt someone but because she is curious. Curious of the thing and then later on, gets amused with the reaction she gets. So what I would do everytime she does this is that I'd catch her hand and tell her "that is called hair and we don't pull hair because it hurts mami(if it's my hair she's pulling) would cry, see? but we do this...." - I'd guide her hand to caress my hair and continue "...hmm caressing feels good, see?" I do try to avoid mentioning that she's bad or being bad - sometimes I feel like it can get stuck to her head and she'd really think she's bad and be bad, you know. Excentric, am I? :-) But I do find this works... now what she loves to do is run through her fingers on people's hair :-D

Spanish Pinay

Vanenie said...

ooh. will try that with Sophie nga. :) thanks sis!

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