Fresh and HOT... on the dot!

Being a mother and a kitchen demi-goddess myself, I always make it a point to serve freshly-prepared meals for my family. I try to adjust my preparation and cooking time such that I finish just in time for lunch or dinner to be served. Fresh and hot -- two of the qualities of an appetizing meal that I place the most premium in, and to a homemaker's delight, Pizza Hut shares the same views.

Last Saturday, I was invited to witness another innovation courtesy of Pizza Hut -- HOT on the Dot sticker. This thermal-sensitive sticker guarantees the customer that the pizza being delivered at their doorsteps is Fresh and HOT. The sticker is initially all black, but once it is put on the designated spot, it reveals the word HOT in red, bold letters.

And it doesn't get any hotter than this -- Diether Ocampo was there! Pizza Hut's endorser for the longest time, Diether was there to personally vouch the pizza chain's commitment in serving pizzas that are oven fresh and hot. It was such a treat to mere mortals like me to see him serve slices upon slices of pizza to guests during the event in Pizza Hut Ali Mall.

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Another treat came in the form of the Dancing Pizza Hut Riders. They were a talented bunch, as seen when they performed the dance routine that bested six other rider groups.

Lastly, a short tour was arranged to visit the nearby Pizza Hut Delivery hub in Shopwise. We rode one of the electric-powered shuttle that roams the Araneta grounds -- even Deither didn't miss the ride! Arriving there, we were given a peek of the oven pouches while they are being charged. Deither also took the time to do a little chit-chat with the personnel and manager of the store.

Witnessing firsthand how Pizza Hut ensures the topnotch quality of their pizzas and knowing fully well the commitment to be the pioneer in pizza delivery service, I am in peace knowing that the pizza my family orders from Pizza Hut will always be Fresh and HOT on the dot!

For Pizza Hut deliveries, dial 911-11-11. You can also avail of their text delivery messaging system, just type your NAME <space> ADDRESS <space> ORDER & send it to 0918-911-11-11 or 0917-911-11-11. Or order online at http://www.pizzahut.com.ph/

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