Inner Masochist?

Is this simply inflicting pain to myself? Continuously subscribing to BabyCenter's weekly newsletter, knowing too well that Sophie does not develop in the same manner as described there? When all I do is open the email and move it to a folder named BabyCenter?

Am I desperately clinging to a transient hope that one day... someday... when I open these newsletters, I can read it without my heart aching for what should have been? That there will come a time that the contents too, and not age alone, will fit Sophie to a T?

Maybe I am filing it for future reference(?)... I really don't know. *sigh*

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Spanish Pinay said...

Sis, don't fret. Every child has their own different development pace. Sabi nga nila diba, every child is a whole different world. you know what, honestly I have stopped checking on babycenter's "your baby is now n months" blah blah. Kasi it doesn't really fit my daughter din and it will just make me compare my daughter to other children - which can probably disappoint me or make me mayabang about my daughter's milestones - which either way is not something that's really nice. I don't know what Sophie is going through as I haven't just started to follow your blog but whatever that is, spare yourself from worrying or dwelling on thinking that Sophie is behind other children. She's magical in her own way, I'm sure you know that already :)


Spanish Pinay

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