Midnight Experiment: Cake Pops

Forgive me for the rather crudeness of the handiwork. It is, after all, my first attempt to do this. ;) I had my first encounter with cake pops when Starbucks had a promo last March 11 to give this out to their first 30 customers per store. I was curious about what these cake pops are. Simply put, cake pops are just bite-sized cakes skewered with a stick, presented in a manner similar to a lollipop.

From the description of cake pops itself, I knew it is fairly simple. But like any other task that I have put my mind into doing, I did some research on it. (Nerdy? Yeah, maybe. I just find contentment in doing things right the first time I tried.) Here are a few sites that I find most helpful:
  • Veronica's Cornucopia's post on Cake Pops. Click here.
  • Veronica's Cornucopia's post on Cake Pops, Balls & Truffles: Troubleshooting & FAQ. Click here
  • The Kitchn's post on How to Make Cake Pops. Click here.

I read all three over and over again, until I had somehow memorized already the steps and remembered the dos and don'ts. Anyway, let me just share to you what I did:
  • I baked the cake using the cake mix we have here in stock. I just followed the directions in the box.
  • I needed something to bind the cake and shape them into balls, but since I don't have any frosting here, I just made some boiled icing.
  • When the cake was done baking and have cooled already, I took a spoonful and shaped it into a small ball. I then refrigerated the cake balls I have made for 5 hours.
  • For the chocolate coating, I just melted Bakers Depot pink chocolate block in the microwave, careful not to overheat it.
  • I took out the cake balls from the refrigerator. I dipped the stick that would become the handle into the chocolate before inserting it into the ball. I waited for about a minute for it to set.
  • Holding the cake ball by the stick, I dipped it into the melted chocolate, careful not to drop the ball when I tapped it to remove the excess chocolate. I then sprinkled candies all over it to decorate.
  • Finally, I placed the cake pops in the freezer for a minute to help set the chocolate.

Voila! My very first cake pops. ;D Easy right?


Nuna said...

Yey! Ang galing! I bet it's delicious! Ako rin sana magawa ko.. =)

Vanenie said...

Hehe Thanks sis! Oo naman, kayang-kaya mo yun. ;)

May seal of approval naman ni Hubby kaya di ko worry ang taste! Haha

Spanish Pinay said...

wow galing nito! :) I've seen this in one of the baking blogs I visit and I thought it's just too difficult for me to try hehe... I'm such a chicken! Congrats on the job well done :)

Spanish Pinay

anney said...

Cute! First time ko gumawa nito e nasobra sa frosting! lol! sobrang tamis tuloy.

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