A Taste of the Fine Things in Life

On a rainy Saturday morning last July 9, I made my way to Enderun College for FOOD Magazine's Kitchen Series. I was really excited to be there because it was my first time to enter a culinary school. My passion for food gives me this dream of someday studying in a culinary school and be taught with all the techniques needed to create a culinary masterpiece. But for now, I have to settle with attending these types of events, exposing myself with every material to teach myself "how expert chefs do it".

After registering, I was told to go upstairs and have a light breakfast. I was greeted by a handful of people lounging in the upstairs lobby, participants like me who were waiting for the event to start.

Light breakfast consisted of a dainty pistachio cake topped with a chocolate medallion and a choice between hot coffee or iced tea. I told myself, what a way to start this delicious day!

The event started with Ms. Nana Ozaeta, FOOD Magazine's editor-in-chief, giving us welcome remarks. The first chef, none other than the ADF+Enderun executive chef himself, Chef Marc Chalopin whipped up two flavorful dishes that surely whetted our appetites: Shrimp Tartar Burgers and Riso Nero alla Fiorentina (Black Rice with Cuttlefish). By the way, ADF stands for Alain Ducasse Formation, a philosophy that adheres to Alain Ducasse's standards of excellency in the kitchen.

Shrimp Tartar Burger
Riso Nero alla Fiorentina (Black Rice with Cuttlefish)
Tasting portion of the Black Rice with Cuttlefish
Chef See Cheong Yan, Culinary Head of Enderun Colleges, came up next with a fairly hurried demo of cooking Canneloni with Olive, Anchovy and Squid Stuffing in Reduced Tomato, Basilica Fish Soup. (Whew!) I was fascinated with Chef See. I initially thought he's Filipino because he speaks our language fluently. Well, it turns out that he's not just someone who's gifted in concocting delectable dishes but also in effectively speaking Filipino, English, Bahasa Malaysia, Cantonese, Mandarin, and French! By the way, this part of the workshop was sponsored by Fly Ace Corporation, makers of Dona Elena and Catelli.

Catelli's Lasagna transformed into Canneloni
Tasting portion of the Canneloni
Lunch immediately followed Chef See's demo -- after all, it was already 1 PM then. We were ushered towards Enderun's Restaurant 101. I was quite nervous as to whether we are to pay for our lunch. Hehe I have some cash in my wallet but seeing the interiors of the restaurant, I seriously doubted if there's any item there that I could afford. LOL.

Chic minimalist table setting
Lamp shades-like fixtures provided soft lighting
Understated elegance that is Restaurant 101
My fears were allayed when I heard the occupants of my neighboring table ask a student cum attendant, what the menu is for the day. He aptly replied that we are to be served a three-course meal, and from the way he said it, I knew that lunch is on them. Wow. Really impressive. I get to dine in a restaurant that is of high caliber and it's free. :)

Salmon Fillet (mi-cuit) with caper herb dressing and warm potato salad
On to our lunch. Appetizer was Salmon Fillet (mi-cuit) with caper herb dressing and warm potato salad. Salmon was the freshest I have ever tasted. I was quite wary tasting the green dressing that covered the salmon, afraid that it might be wasabi. Good thing it isn't!

Chicken Basquaise with stewed peppers and Bayonne ham

Main course was Chicken Basquaise with stewed peppers and Bayonne ham. My thoughts upon seeing this plate? Maybe I can ask for some rice? LOL. But, of course, I didn't dare ask. Sayang, the portions were big. I contented myself munching on the baby potatoes included imagining it is rice. :-P

Louis XV
And my most favorite part of a meal, dessert! I think I experienced nirvana for a moment when I had my first taste of Louis XV! It's made of chocolate crisp, ganache and praline bar -- so sinfully good, yet so light. *sigh* It's like eating a more delicate version of Ferrero Rocher in a slim bar. By the way, see that little sparkly thing on top of Louis XV? That's gold! Really. I guess it's safe to eat since they've put it there. Hehe. Indeed, this dessert is rich!

So, after that wonderful meal and to-die-for dessert, we were told to go back upstairs to their Culinary Theater for the dessert cooking demo. Oh yes, another dessert! It was indeed my lucky day. Haha. Chef Andreas Gillar, Executive Pastry Chef of Enderun Colleges, showed us how to make an authentic Black Forest Cake. I loved this chef! He's so funny, and he obviously had good rapport with his students who acted as his sous chefs.

Chef Gillar's Black Forest Cake
Black Forest Petit Four

It was a day when I got to taste some of the fine things in life. All thanks to FOOD Magazine and Enderun Colleges! I'll be waiting for more of this. ;) 

Created with flickr slideshow from softsea.


michi said...

nice experience sis! i love all the desserts in the picture. drool. =)

Marjorie said...

Hi Vanenie! I was also there, sayang di tayo nagkakilala agad..

Nice blog! followed you on GFC. hope you'll visit my site too. http://livingmarjorney.blogspot.com

See you on the 16th! Thanks! =)

Vanenie said...

sis michi, thanks! my tummy enjoyed a lot with this experience hehe

sis marjorie, oo nga ano! I kinda remembered you. your cousin yata was my seatmate. 2nd row ako nakaupo, sa right side banda if you're facing the kitchen/demo area.

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