To you

I only have the best intentions in mind... I just want you to have that extra hour of sleep since most of the time, that's what you've been telling me about. That you're so stressed and you're dead-tired. Everyone's been telling you that you've got so much on your plate; this is just my way of sharing the burden -- being your voice when you are being meek 90% of the time.

I admire and despise you at the same time, for your ultimate strength is that which is also your greatest weakness -- kindness. Learn to say "I am tired, I still want to sleep". Tell them when you can't do something because you have to attend to more important matters first. For your own mental and physical well-being, please... learn to say NO.

And always remember, I love you. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

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Three Months

Has it been that long? Was I that busy or just simply too lazy? To tell you the truth, it's both. The past three months has seen some major events and changes in my life. First off was Sophie's 2nd birthday celebration. I had painstakingly planned and prepared for it, making use of my little arts & crafts skills and beginner's baking skills. Thankfully, I managed to pull it off even with a few minor glitches that happened. Everyone enjoyed and had a really good time. Celebrating a child's birthday party in Jollibee is some form of a Filipino child's rite of passage, I think.

Having a blast with Jollibee

Baked treats a.k.a. labor of love as edible souvenirs
So after all the hullabaloo that was the party, I thought that my life would be no more exciting (well until the holidays). Surprisingly, I was still tired and restless. I just attributed it as after-effects of being in party planner mode. Maybe, I was only experiencing withdrawal syndrome -- that the party was over and I no longer have anything to keep my self busy with. Until one day that I have this intense feeling of nausea washing over me. I thought that it was due to extreme hunger, that suddenly I am experiencing acid reflux after that late lunch. But a thought crossed my mind, "Could I be? Please, no... Not yet, not now."