To you

I only have the best intentions in mind... I just want you to have that extra hour of sleep since most of the time, that's what you've been telling me about. That you're so stressed and you're dead-tired. Everyone's been telling you that you've got so much on your plate; this is just my way of sharing the burden -- being your voice when you are being meek 90% of the time.

I admire and despise you at the same time, for your ultimate strength is that which is also your greatest weakness -- kindness. Learn to say "I am tired, I still want to sleep". Tell them when you can't do something because you have to attend to more important matters first. For your own mental and physical well-being, please... learn to say NO.

And always remember, I love you. I hope you understand where I'm coming from.

Image credits: http://aew1224.xanga.com/730666380/i-liked-you-i-loved-you-i-lost-you-i-miss-you/

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