Couples' Night at Il Ponticello

Hubby was away for two weeks for a series of seminar/training in Thailand. I missed him so and was very eager to be with him when he comes back. An opportunity presented itself when emailing OpenRice for upcoming Eats A Date events, I was offered to join their first couples event. When asked about the date, it fit perfectly to our schedule -- just a few days after Hubby arrived! I gamely signed up for it and told Hubby about it, telling him that this would become our first "alone time" after he came back (yes, we would be around other people but we don't have the kids with us so it's technically an "alone time"!).

So last Tuesday, off we went to Il Ponticello in Makati. I've read rave reviews about the food, even encountered the numerous citations from various sites dedicated to rating restaurants around the Metro, so I have such high expectations that night. Upon entering Antel Suites, the receptionist told us to use the stairs going up. I was quite taken aback, I thought it was a fine dining restaurant and we were not allowed to use the elevators?! Or was it just us who were told to do that? Anyway, I didn't voice out my thoughts as Hubby didn't comment anything as were going up to the second floor. A short passageway adorned with mirrors, pseudo-torch lights and black leather couches greeted us; on the end is the doorway leading to the restaurant itself. It was dark and I had this thought that we were about to be led to some secret hideaway.


Kulinarya: I experienced the difference!

It's been more than two months ago but I can still recall everything as if it was just last night... It was a rainy Monday night then, yet we braved the traffic for this culinary escapade of epic proportions. (I wouldn't miss it for the world since the handful reviews I found online were consistently positive!) With the whole family in tow, we headed to Power Plant Mall in Rockwell, Makati to try this restaurant which was said to be here for the longest time and yet, has to be discovered and raved about by food lovers in the metro.



I have heard about the craze that is Uniqlo for quite sometime now. Not much of a fan of branded clothing, I didn't head out there and shoved my way through the discounted merchandise during opening day. Since I'm a mom, I would rather be on the practical side and spend more on my kids than buying stuff for myself. Last Aug. 22 however, I was given the chance to look around shop during an exclusive shopping event by Uniqlo.

It was my first time seeing what Uniqlo has to offer so I really combed through the aisles. Here are the stuff I saw there:

Uniqlo  = Casual comfort


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Image from thisgirlfashiondiary.wordpress.com

Less than two weeks from now, my now husband and I will be celebrating our 8th year of togetherness. Yes, it has been 8 years since we admitted to each other that we are each other's special someone. Thus, ending the agony that is unrequited love that both of us has been nurturing unknowingly. It was bliss, knowing that I would not have to suppress the feelings I have for a dear friend, and the mere fact that "I am loved as much as I have loved him".

Of course, committing ourselves in a relationship does not mean a smooth "happy ever after" like in those fairy tales. All relationships have their own share of ups and downs, ours notwithstanding. But thinking back, what I really hold dear to my heart are the sudden "dips" in this roller coaster of a ride. Each trying moment is like a "baptism of fire" -- that every time we go through it and manage to successfully emerge from it, we feel as if our relationship has gotten stronger and ourselves, maturing in the process. Sure there were times when we almost gave up on each other, entertaining the thought that the way out is the easiest path to take. What reins us in is the reason why we are here in the first place -- that we love each other and both of us committed in making this work.


Eats a Date: Papa John's

Papa John's sits among rows of restos in Bel-Air's foodie haven that is Jupiter Street. Though we came all the way from Taguig City, sampling their signature dishes was a good enough reason to brave the BGC-Buendia rush hour traffic with my hubby. Also, this opportunity given to us by OpenRice is too good to miss!

Arriving there at past 6PM, the place was quite deserted (maybe it's still too early for dinner?), but before we made our way out after eating, most of the tables have been filled up by their followers. Upon entering the place, we were greeted by this counter cum cashier that has several pizza peels (a bit of trivia: pizza peel is that wooden paddle that's used when sliding pizzas off into the oven) printed with flags of countries. I bet these are the countries where Papa John's have branches in.


SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

I have always belonged to the heavier side. In fact, I have never remembered being "slender" or "thin". But what I lacked for in terms of a sexy figure, I have been blessed with in complexion... I am on the fairer side. In a culture that puts premium on one's skin color and viewed on having fair skin as someone beautiful, I still did not have a blooming love life. (Oh yes, I'm such a loser!) This was because I was riddled with acne thus affecting my confidence. I was too preoccupied with whether my pimple breakout and skin's oiliness were the first things that other people noticed about me that I did not have the time to catch some guy's attention.


Koalas March to SpongeBob's Yellow Party!

My daughter Sophie loves anything with chocolate. When she had a taste of it, she won't stop until a) we stop her from eating too much or b) she had her fill already. I try to limit whatever chocolate and sugar intake she has, but doing so proves to be difficult especially when both Hubby and I are avid chocolate lovers!

First taste of chocolate at 6-months old, courtesy of the indulgent lola!

A recent discovery of chocolate-filled snacks is Lotte's Koala's March, light and crispy cookies filled with chocolate creme. It's perfect to enjoy even by toothless kids as the cookie melts in the mouth and out came bursting is the chocolatey goodness. A warning though, it can get addicting... even for us, adults!


PLDT myDSL & Nuffnang bring you The Avengers!

Photo credit: www.theavengers2012-movie.com
I've been looking forward to April. Aside from it being the last stretch of my pregnancy (I'm due to give birth in May), my husband and I are excited with the premiere of The Avengers on the 25th of April. I was not a fan of comic book heroes before, well before I met my husband that is! Every superhero movie that comes to the big screen, we never failed to watch it. And this time, being 36 weeks pregnant on the premiere night will be no exception -- I just wish that I will not go into premature labor because of the excitement and adrenaline rush while watching the film! Haha.



I was still feeling rather cross that he left me on my own to face my parents --  he had previously promised that he'd be there for me, every step of the way. Though I knew that he isn't turning his back on me, it's just that I don't want to be alone when I break to my parents The News.

I can clearly recall the roller coaster of emotions that was the weekend. It was Papa's 51st birthday, the very first excuse that I get to treat him because I have received my first ever paycheck from my first ever job. But it's The News that I have been at a loss for on how to break it to them, especially to Papa, the birthday boy... What a birthday gift my announcement would be! Haha. :P

I don't want to delve anymore into the nitty-gritty stuff. But boy, was I glad that everything went well! None of the scenes reminiscent of primetime telenovelas that I have conjured up in mind happened. So I came back to work, the following Monday with an unburdened heart. Just a little sad that he wasn't there with me, to show my father that he is man enough to face him and his possible wrath. (Okay, enough of the melodramas!)