I was still feeling rather cross that he left me on my own to face my parents --  he had previously promised that he'd be there for me, every step of the way. Though I knew that he isn't turning his back on me, it's just that I don't want to be alone when I break to my parents The News.

I can clearly recall the roller coaster of emotions that was the weekend. It was Papa's 51st birthday, the very first excuse that I get to treat him because I have received my first ever paycheck from my first ever job. But it's The News that I have been at a loss for on how to break it to them, especially to Papa, the birthday boy... What a birthday gift my announcement would be! Haha. :P

I don't want to delve anymore into the nitty-gritty stuff. But boy, was I glad that everything went well! None of the scenes reminiscent of primetime telenovelas that I have conjured up in mind happened. So I came back to work, the following Monday with an unburdened heart. Just a little sad that he wasn't there with me, to show my father that he is man enough to face him and his possible wrath. (Okay, enough of the melodramas!)

I was raring to sleep (that is all that I have been wanting to do these days!) after my almost 10-hour work shift when he texted me to come to Glorietta to meet him. Still in a sour mood, I told him that he come and visit me at my place instead. He replied, with a sense of urgency that managed to emanate from my phone, that I have to meet him there, even for just a few hours. Since it's another Friday, I decided to go for it; I would have the whole weekends to sleep anyway.

I arrived in Glorietta and he's still not done with whatever it was he's doing. He wasn't telling me exactly what it is, just that he had been accompanying his mom who was running errands all day. I decided to while away the time in Powerbooks; I browsed books there, while texting him every now and then with "Where are you?". His customary reply was "A few more minutes. I'm almost there. Sorry."

An hour passed when he finally said that if I could just please go to the Greenbelt Chapel and he will meet me there. A church?! Why? He wasn't exactly the churchgoer kind, though his faith is, without doubt, in place. Impatient with waiting, I went there. It is after all, enough of an excuse to stretch my muscles and relax my butt from an hour of sitting.

I arrived at the chapel and scanned the surroundings for any signs of him: negative, still not here. I settled on the middle pew, facing the altar directly. The chapel still has a number of visitors, some of which were attendees of the just-finished first Friday mass. I knelt and whispered a short prayer, thanking Him for the blessing that was unconditional love and whole-hearted acceptance that I unexpectedly received from my parents. As I returned to sit, I noticed by of the corner of my sight him arriving with a large bouquet of dozen red roses. I pretend to have not seen him as my mind whirred with possible reasons why he is carrying something like that. Have I forgotten a special occasion today?

He sat down next to me, all smiles. I asked him for whom the flowers are for; he handed me the flowers in reply. Still smiling, he just stood up and invited me to take a walk outside the chapel. We exited amidst a few curious stares and made our way towards the mini bridge. Upon reaching the middle of the bridge, he launched into a speech about how much he loves me and how much he believes that what we have is enough to carry us through the next chapter in our lives, being the parents of a yet unborn baby. He also said that he's doing this to somehow, put a semblance of chronology to an already mixed-up order of things. (Disclaimer: I cannot exactly recall what he was saying, just the gist as my mind is too overwhelmed to process what I was hearing!).

Then he took something from his pocket and on bended knee, he asked me to be his wife. When he was about to kneel, all I could remember exclaiming was "Huwag kang luluhod! Nakakahiya, ang daming taong nakatingin o!" (Me and my fear of being on the spotlight!)

I wasn't sure at what point I managed to say "Yes!" but I did recall him putting the ring on my finger. ;) And it has been three years since then...

Hands held, with THE RING in all its magnificence.
He is all smiles whereas I am all scrunched up, still trying to hold back my emotions.
Newly-engaged us, Mar.06.2009


reportonthespot said...

hi vaneng! kamusta na? such a nice read. congratulations!


Vanenie said...

isadora! hehe :) ok naman, mommy na ako! I stumbled upon your blog the other day. namiss ko ang HK dahil sa posts mo ;)

Spanish Pinay said...

awwwww.. na-emote ako I swear!!!

Spanish Pinay

Vanenie said...

I know, right? ;) kaya nga I thought of composing a post about it e.. hehe sarap lang balikan, to relive the memories. :D

hugs to cutie patootie LSP!

Jenggai said...

awwwww.... so sweet! di nakakasawang balik-balikan ang mga ganyang love story :)

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