Koalas March to SpongeBob's Yellow Party!

My daughter Sophie loves anything with chocolate. When she had a taste of it, she won't stop until a) we stop her from eating too much or b) she had her fill already. I try to limit whatever chocolate and sugar intake she has, but doing so proves to be difficult especially when both Hubby and I are avid chocolate lovers!

First taste of chocolate at 6-months old, courtesy of the indulgent lola!

A recent discovery of chocolate-filled snacks is Lotte's Koala's March, light and crispy cookies filled with chocolate creme. It's perfect to enjoy even by toothless kids as the cookie melts in the mouth and out came bursting is the chocolatey goodness. A warning though, it can get addicting... even for us, adults!

Koala's March features koalas doing funny poses and wearing different costumes imprinted on the cookies. There the kids are introduced to the two lovable koalas, March and Waltz. They both embody the playful yet carefree nature of koalas, much like what the kids experience when eating Koala's March cookies!

Last May 5, March and Waltz teamed up with another well-loved character from Nickelodeon -- SpongeBob SquarePants! Various activities and games where actively participated in by kids of all ages and even kids-at-heart.

The highlight of the event was SpongeBob's dance number with Squidward Tentacles and Patrick Star. Everyone went crazy when they saw him bust out his moves.

Koala's March offered snacks that kids can munch on when they got hungry from all the play they're having while adults were treated to samples of Xylitol, another Lotte product.

Despite the rain, it was a fun event. Kids and adults both got their fill of fun and games, and Koala's March cookies too!

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Koala's March is sold and distributed by Lotte Confectionery (Pilipinas) Corp. and is available in leading supermarkets, groceries and convenience stores nationwide.
For more details about Koala's March, visit http://www.lottekoalasmarch.com/

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