SkinWhite and Nuffnang bring you Snow White and the Huntsman

I have always belonged to the heavier side. In fact, I have never remembered being "slender" or "thin". But what I lacked for in terms of a sexy figure, I have been blessed with in complexion... I am on the fairer side. In a culture that puts premium on one's skin color and viewed on having fair skin as someone beautiful, I still did not have a blooming love life. (Oh yes, I'm such a loser!) This was because I was riddled with acne thus affecting my confidence. I was too preoccupied with whether my pimple breakout and skin's oiliness were the first things that other people noticed about me that I did not have the time to catch some guy's attention.

Until I encountered SkinWhite. Many of you will raise their eyebrows, thinking, "She's a mestiza so why the need for a whitening product?" Well, that's because SkinWhite has addressed my problems in more ways than one, thanks to its SYNCHROWHITE ACTION which does the following: whitens my skin (to give me that even white skin), reduces the formation of new dark pigments in my skin, nourishes my skin with vitamins and protects my skin against toxins and UV rays.

Feeling like Snow White because of SkinWhite ;)
The result? Well, see for yourself! Smoother, fairer and even skin, thanks to SkinWhite. Slowly, I began to gain confidence; I was less conscious of myself . I also started enjoying the company of my friends, and soon enough, I had one of my closest guy friends as my first ever boyfriend. (No longer an N.B.S.B. or No Boyfriend Since Birth! But that's another story. Haha!)

With MY Prince Charming!
You can experience the same whitening action that SkinWhite offers... and gain the confidence that you need to get that Prince Charming of yours! Try SkinWhite now. :)



♥♥♥irene♥♥♥ said...

Hi sis! In fairness, ok nga tong Skin White. Though tinamad na ko mag lotion. =)

Spanish Pinay said...

ah, I don't want to remember my breakout period during college! it was horrible. I used to obsesse (just a tad bit hehe) on having whiter skin before but now I have come to love a tanner me :-D

Love the picture with your prince charming! He looks so proud of having you by her side :)

Spanish Pinay

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