Eats a Date: Papa John's

Papa John's sits among rows of restos in Bel-Air's foodie haven that is Jupiter Street. Though we came all the way from Taguig City, sampling their signature dishes was a good enough reason to brave the BGC-Buendia rush hour traffic with my hubby. Also, this opportunity given to us by OpenRice is too good to miss!

Arriving there at past 6PM, the place was quite deserted (maybe it's still too early for dinner?), but before we made our way out after eating, most of the tables have been filled up by their followers. Upon entering the place, we were greeted by this counter cum cashier that has several pizza peels (a bit of trivia: pizza peel is that wooden paddle that's used when sliding pizzas off into the oven) printed with flags of countries. I bet these are the countries where Papa John's have branches in.

Opposite the counter is this mural that quotes John Schnatter and his personal belief in "Better Ingredients. Better Pizza.", the promise with which the brand stands by.

More pizza peels adorn the walls, giving it a laid back feel. Perfect for the casual dining that is Papa John's.

John Schnatter, "Papa John" himself. The founder of this pizza chain. Visually appetizing, yes?

Seating ourselves while waiting for the food, we were greeted with this place mat cum instructions on how to "properly" enjoy pizza, Papa John's way: Bite. Dip. Eat. They serve their pizzas here with Jalapeno peppers for that extra kick and their unique buttery dip that complements well their pizza

A few minutes later, the manager served us an array of specialties that Papa John's has to offer. Here they are: <feast with your eyes!>

Fisherman's Catch (Php 315-555) 
Juicy plump shrimps and calamari, fresh green peppers and onions with our signature garlic sauce 
My take: My fave pizza is anything with shrimps and garlic in it. So seeing this pizza made my tummy churn with delight! Add juicy calamari and I am in my seafood pizza haven.

Chicken Bacon Ranch (Php 315-P555)
Grilled chicken, crunchy Bacon bits, fresh garlic, fresh tomatoes, onions with Ranch sauce 
My take: What makes this interesting is the taste of ranch dressing and garlic that is present in the dressing and toppings as well as the dough itself. yes, you read that right. the dough is infused with the ranch dressing and garlic as well. so you won't miss out on the flavors.

Super Papa's (Php 340-P580)
The ultimate combination of tasty Pepperoni, Italian Sausage, Ham, freshly sliced Mushrooms, Onions, Green Peppers, and Black Olives  
My take: Loaded. That's what this pizza is. They sure don't scrimp on the toppings. The pizza sauce has room to improve though... It seems that with all the toppings, the pizza sauce has been outshined by everything else.

Seafood Marinara (Php 190)
Spaghetti served with freshest Shrimp and Calamari with Tomatoes, Fresh Garlic, Herbs and Onions

Carbonara (Php 180)
Spaghetti served with Bacon, fresh Mushrooms and Mozarella Cheese in Carbonara Sauce topped with grated Parmesan Cheese

Meatballs Bolognaise (Php 195)
Pasta Bolognaise with Meatballs 
My take: Juicy meatballs on top of perfectly cooked spaghetti and red sauce that is just right for my taste. Quite small serving though.

Chef's Salad (Php 89)
Chicken chunks atop a salad mix of Romaine Iceberg, Red Cabbage, Tomatoes and Cucumbers served with choice of salad dressing 
My take: At P89, this is a steal given the freshness of their veggies and they sure don't scrimp on their chicken!

Side Items
Battered Onion Rings (Php 90) Onions sliced, battered and baked to a golden brown. Served with choice of dipping sauce; Potato Wedges (Php 90) Baked to golden brown, crispy yet soft inside and served with Pizza sauce; Chicken Strips (Php 169) Lightly breaded Chicken Breast Fillets baked to a crisp golden brown. Served with choice of dipping sauce
My take: What caught my attention was this: they are all BAKED. So I enjoyed them without the worry of grease used in cooking them. As for the taste... just your usual onion rings, potato wedges and chicken strips; nothing memorable.

Choco Magma Cake (Php 149) plus Single Scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream (Php 49)
Very moist chocolate cake that is bursting with chocolate fudge 
My take: I LOVE IT! I was wondering what's the difference of this from the lava cake that most of us are familiar with. Now I know! It's the amount of chocolate inside! This has more gooey chocolatey goodness inside. Order it with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and you've got Choco Magma Cake a la mode. Really nice. ;)

Italian Sodas (Php 49 each)
Carbonated water with flavored syrup at the bottom. Stirring is needed to distribute the syrup evenly. Comes in three flavors: Green Apple, Passion Fruit and Pink Grapefruit.

My final say:
Since this event was sponsored by Papa John's - Jupiter itself, I can only roughly estimate that cost per head is at Php 300-400. That is if you'll order a pizza, 2 pasta, 3 sides, a dessert to be shared by all, each one gets a drink, and there are four of you in the group. The place can seat about 60, and its cozy vibe is perfect for a casual date, eat out with friends or birthday pizza treat for the family. If you're looking for a pizza place that offers something new, well at least in the pizza department, then by all means, try Papa John's.

OpenRicers and bloggers who graced the event (photo credit: Charles of http://f00d3p.blogspot.com/)

Papa John's - Jupiter
102 Jupiter St., Bel-Air, Makati City
890-7272 / 836-2096

Store Hours | Mon-Fri: 10:00 am-11:00 pm | Sat-Sun:10:00 am-10:00 pm
Delivery HoursMon-Fri: 10:00 am-11:00 pm | Sat-Sun:10:00 am-10:00 pm

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