Still Here!

A quarter of a year has passed since I last posted something here. Yes, it has been four months! Time really passes by with a blur. Anyway, I had my hands full, what with having two girls, one of which is a really active baby toddler! Ellie keeps me on my toes most of the time. She's a little bundle of energy, I'm telling you. She can turn our room upside down in a matter of minutes... when I have just finished fixing it up for an hour. Sometimes I just let the mess be, clearing up only when she is sound asleep... at night! Haha So that means our room is only tidy during evenings. LOL.

Climbing cabinets, eating books, walking, playing. That's what keeps our super kulit Ellie busy.
As for Sophie, everything's pretty much the same. Her therapist keeps on telling us that Sophie has everything she needs to walk. It's just that she still can't get over her fear of falling. Oh, and there's her attitude as well. She is as hard-headed as she can be. It can be difficult telling whether she really is in pain or just not in the mood to do things (so that means she's forever NOT in the mood to move). Sometimes I think she's contented lying down or sitting and watching her sister scamper off in different directions. I really would like to push her to her limits. But only God knows up to what extent can she really take it. For all we know, we might be doing more damage than good to her... Sigh. Damn this CS.

Sophie's very zen while Ellie continues with the chaos.
Aside from the usual hustle-bustle of mommyhood, what kept me busy too was Ellie's first birthday celebration. You all know I'm a proud DIY mom. So with Ellie's birthday party, I pretty much DIY-ed everything. (Yes, I'm bragging now. Haha!) Check the pictures first before I tell you which ones were my projects.